How to cool down a room?


Have you ever wondered, during the summer times, is there any other way to cool down our houses other than ACs? During the scorching heat of the summer, people tend to stay inside their homes, out of the sun fright. But, they also keep moving in bed from this side to that side. Why? The answer is simple. But, the solution is not that easy. It is that very hard to decipher. The reason is heat. It just makes us glued to our bedsheets. The sweat is intolerable. The only solution for this is hands down, using an AC. But, it is not that cheap of an option. It takes a whole bunch from your monthly electricity bills. Not to mention its installation and purchasing expense. So, there are more cheap and also effective options. These need a keen sense of knowledge to implement but not that hard to crack. In this article, we will give you full-on information about how to cool down a room?

Why do we use an AC?

How to cool down a room?

Air conditioners have been with us during our sleepless nights. It has brought a change in our sweaty lives. It can easily prevent us from the scorching sun. As a result, it eventually keeps us alive and free from heat strokes. People tend to stay comfortably in their houses.

This is something that has become part of our needs. Under the extreme heat conditions of the summer, the AC keeps the elderly and the physically needed people safe from heat-related health problems. This also keeps the foods from spoiling. It reduces heat stress. 

1.Prevents dehydration and heat stroke:

How to cool down a room?

Being in constant heat can result in dehydration. Also, this can result in heat strokes. As ACs can remarkably reduce sweat, it prevents dehydration and heat strokes. As too much can cause serious trouble to the body, ACs help by regulating the temperature. 

2.Reduces insects and parasites:

How to cool down a room?

One of the blessings of having good air conditioning is that the insects usually don’t tend to enter the well-conditioned room. As most of the time, the living rooms are closed as well as the windows. Insects are quite annoying. Especially, they are quite dangerous to people who have allergies.

3.Improved mental state:

How to cool down a room?

You might have seen how heat might affect the mind. Then the question might have crossed your mind surely, how to cool down a room? The most simple answer to this is the use of its. Whenever there is more heat, then the mental state of the people shifts. This makes their trip in the slightest of matters. They turn angry with the smallest of matters. In this case, ACs play a vital role.

4. Air quality increases:

How to cool down a room?

The use of AC improves indoor air quality and makes things easier. The atmosphere becomes more healthy. The pollens, dust, and many other allergic substances stay out of the house. It reduces the humidity of the household.

5. Reduces Asthma and Allergies:

How to cool down a room?

Why do asthma and allergies happen? Well, allergies can happen for many reasons. Again, asthma is the result of dust and smoke. A person who has asthma has to stay away from dust, smoke, and pollen. If you are using ACs, then these substances can’t enter the rooms. Again, allergies can also be because of dust. So, ACs prevent asthma and allergies.

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Why not use an AC?

How to cool down a room?

Everything has its downsides. Even the moon has some black spots. It is beyond any doubt that we can’t live without ACs. But do they have any disadvantages? Well, yes, they do have. They have a ton of disadvantages. Some are mentioned below,

1. Dryness of skin

How to cool down a room?

If you are continuously inside an air-conditioned room, then you might have noticed that you have lost the moistness of your skin. Your skin has become dry. It also results in the irritation and dryness of the mucous membrane.

2. Infections of respiratory tracts and allergies:

How to cool down a room?

If the filters of the air-conditioners are not cleaned regularly, then specks of dust and pollen might catch up in the air filters. This eventually increases the risk of asthma and allergic patients.

3. Sudden change in temperature abnormalities

How to cool down a room?

Suppose you have been working in the sun throughout the day. Then after coming home, you set the air-conditioner at a very low temperature. Coming from a very high temperature, if you suddenly shift to a comparatively low temperature, it will result in some abnormalities in the person’s respiratory tract. As well as for other bodily dysfunctions, this might be one of the reasons. 

4. Expensiveness

How to cool down a room?

There can’t be any debate regarding this. Air-conditioners are very expensive to buy. But also, to maintain they are a very expensive thing. It adds a huge bulk every month to the electricity bill. Again, its servicing costs are also not that cheap.

Moreover, if you are once accustomed to it, you can’t easily leave it. As a result, if an AC is not working anymore, you can’t just wait around. You then have to buy a new one.

The best and easiest way to keep these problems aside is to keep the ACs cleaned regularly. In this case, you can take the help of an expert. Don’t put your hand where you don’t know. This might be dangerous for you and your family.

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How to cool down a room cheaply? 

How to cool down a room?

1. Don’t use breast producing machines:

How to cool down a room?

You obviously can not just turn off your fridge and freezer. But, during hot weather, you can surely not use heat-producing machines like dishwashers, clothes dryers, etc. You can hang your clothes.

2. Eat salads and sandwiches:

How to cool down a room?

Don’t use ovens inside the house. If you want to grill something, go outside and do it. But, for hot weather conditions, it is better not to eat such grilled food. Rather, you can try having salads and sandwiches.

3.Try icing:

How to cool down a room?

It is an old-school method. Back when refrigerators weren’t a thing, people used to use iceboxes. You can easily implement this technique now also.

4. Use cotton sheets only:

How to cool down a room?

Suppose you live in a very warm house. The house is not so cold, but during summer, it turns out to be far hotter. There is a primitive technique to solve this. You have to use cotton sheets to sleep with. How does this help? The cotton sheets keep things cool. In the process, it makes things more comfortable. 

5. Use of exhaust fans:

How to cool down a room?

We usually have exhaust fans in our kitchens and washrooms. What do they do? They take out the excess gas from the house to the outside. 

You can also use them to keep the heat out of the house. As a result, when you are feeling too hot, you can e them to cool down the house’s atmosphere.

6. Use a cross breeze technique:

How to cool down a room?

It would help if you tried passing air throughout the room. If you have two windows in the room, you can keep them both open to pass the air in through one and then out through the other. 

But if you have only one window in the room, then keeping the doors old can also help pass the air. This is the cross breeze technique.

7. Take cool showers:

How to cool down a room?

You can take showers with cold water when you are feeling hot. If you are wondering if this doesn’t solve the question, how to cool down a room? But if you are not cool, then keeping the room cool won’t do. After taking a shower, you can let your hair dry automatically. This helps by keeping you cool for an hour or two.

8. Sit in front of a fan:

How to cool down a room?

If there is no cool breeze outside, you can keep yourself cool by just sitting in front of a stand fan. This doesn’t add any coolness to the room. But it can keep your body cool. You can use this method to its fullest if you drink a cool drink and relax while you are at it. This is simply tricking your body to feel cooler. 

9. Minimum use of lights:

How to cool down a room?

Lights give off some amount of heat. Even the environment-friendly light bulbs give heat. During summer times, there is natural light throughout the day. As a result, you can easily keep the lighters off during summer. This keeps the room cooler. You can easily keep the room cooler at night by conserving lights throughout the day. This process is quite self-explanatory. 

10. Keep the stove off:

How to cool down a room?

During summer, there is no need to keep the stoves on. Stoves arg heat-producing materials. You can remove the excess heat from the room by not using the stove during summer. You can use grills outside the house during summer.

11. Window fans:

How to cool down a room?

If you want to learn how to cool down a room? Then window fans are one of the most known answers.

These window fans are installed on the windows. They take in the cold air from the outside and release the hot air from the inside. Some helpful steps for window fans,

  • Turn them in while it is cooler outside:

It would help if you used the window fan when it is cooler outside. For example, when it Nighttime or earthly in the morning. Otherwise, if it is hot outside, the fan will draw in all the hot air inside the house. This makes the room warmer. As a result, it is wise to turn them on while the weather is cooler outside.

  • Use more than one fan for an effective crosswind:

We have already heard about crosswind. In this case, you have to use two or more window fans to crosswind effectively. This eventually blows the hit air out and takes in the colder air. It would help if you also kept as many doors open as possible. This increases the effectiveness of crosswinds. 

In these cases, the number of fans plays an important role. You should have an equal number of window fans for it. If the number is odd, you should keep the fans that take in the cooler air more in number.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. How to cool down a room with ice?

How to cool down a room?

Ice is the cooler of the people who don’t have the money to buy an air conditioner. It can surely be used to cool down a room. It is one of the oldest techniques. You can keep the ice behind a stand fan. As it evaporates behind the fan, all the cooler air will be passed throughout the room. As a result, the room cools down. And it has been trusted for many years.

2. How to cool down a room fast?

How to cool down a room?

A room becomes heated due to many reasons. If you want to cool down a room, you should first find out why it is getting hot. There are some ways to cool down the room fast:

  • Keep your lotions in the fridge
  • Use ice behind stand fans
  • Cooldown your beddings
  • Drink some cold drinks
  • Run your wrist over the cold water
  • Make a cooling body spray
  • Try to eat mostly frozen fruits

3.How to cool down a room at night?

How to cool down a room?

We, humans, prefer to have peace of mind and a little calmness at night to sleep. After a chaotic and hot day, one tends to sleep in a cool and sound environment. But, during hot summers, it is not possible without an AC. But some tricks can help you feel cooler during the night time.

  • Try using cooling sheets
  • Sleep without clothes
  • Keep the blinds shut off
  • Purchase a cooler mattress
  • Try putting your sheets in the freezer for a few minutes
  • Use buckwheat, foam, or simply a pillow designed for cooler periods of sleep
  • Use the Egyptian sleep method of using a wet towel on top of you
  • Sleep closer to the ground
  • Stay hydrated
  • Try sleeping in a different position
How to cool down a room?

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