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Living rooms are such a place in the house where people stay together mostly. It is the corner of the house where most decisions are made together with the family. The colour choice of this place might affect your living. As a result, the choice of doing paints in the living room needs to be considered very effective. The whole idea of doing a paint job in the living room might not seem so interesting or important, but it really does impact your lives. Many people can understand this whereas many are ignorant of this fact. The people who are well aware of this fact usually research extensively on the topic, “living room paint ideas.” This is not something that one can guess or be intuitive about.

You should have a complete idea, how to and what to use for the colour of the room. But, one thing you should keep in mind that the living room colours could be any. But, it should only be the one you are comfortable with.

How to Get Best Living Room Paint Ideas?

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Painting a room is not that hard of a job. It is quite easy if you make your mind about it. The only thing required is a little bit of research and knowledge of what to do and how to do it. There are many steps to consider while painting a room. Some are,

Living room paint ideas: Clear concept

Before starting anything, you should have a clear concept about it. You should have a blueprint of it ready inside your head. The approach should be pre-planned. You should plan your approach with a forehand. Remember, your creativity is the key here. Again, the four walls are not the only walls you could paint on. You can even paint on other walls as well and it is nothing that could not be fixed. So, don’t be shy about it.

Choose your colour

Choosing the perfect colour for your living room is a whole different topic. You have to keep in mind which colour is in trend, which is the most used colour, which colour suits which mood. Again, you should also consider the impact of the colours on the brightness of the room and eventually the whole house. If you choose a very dark colour, it will dim out the whole atmosphere. Though, how much light you apply, a dark colour will always film the whole room. So, while choosing a colour for your room you have to be wise. Again, having the same colour for all the rooms in the house is also not a good thing to do.

Choose your tools

Choosing the perfect tools for the job is the No. 1 criteria. If you are planning to do your own colouring. Then it is a wide option to consider your tools first. These are items that can give shape to your imagination. It is not a hard task. Again, they are not very hard to find also. These materials can be found in every shop and are not too expensive.

Prepare the room and the walls

If you want to paint your own room and walls, then it is necessary to first prepare the room. While painting the walls, the colours will tend to spill here and there. As a result, it will spoil the furniture and so on. Thus, in order to prevent this, then you have to cover the furniture and all the items in the room with plastic or newspaper. But, always keep the windows open for ventilation. You can always take the help of an expert regarding this matter.

Mixing of paints

You have to mix paints if you are using more than one gallons of colour. Try using a wooden stick to stir and re-stir it. The mixing is very important. You have to be careful not to spread the colours here and there while mixing. If you are using more than one gallons of colours then you can mix them up in a big bucket.

Consider your painting techniques

If you are painting in a room that has a dark shaded wall, then use the coats over it. This enlightens the colour and in the process brightens the wall. While painting tries doing the painting by rotating from one wall to the other.

Clean up

It is good to clean up your own mess. Take off the tapes, clean the spills with a cloth. Try to use mineral spirit, oil, etc. to clean up the stains. You can use a brush to clean the stains.

Best living room paint ideas

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Is there any way you can use the same set of colours for all of the rooms? That wouldn’t be wide, would it? Right, it won’t be. Having the same colours of walls throughout the whole house is such a turn-off. You should have different colour combinations for different rooms of the house. It is not something that is very hard to do. Anyone can try and do it. It is inexpensive and doesn’t require any high level of expertise. And, if anything goes wrong it is quite easy to fix. Below are some of the vastly used living room paint ideas:

Bold deep colour with woodworks

A deep paint job might seem a bit too old-fashioned for your taste. If the whole setup is matched correctly, it will give off an exquisite and aesthetic vibe. The deep colours, if accompanied by some light or pale coloured furniture, then set nicely together. Again, the whole is incomplete without wooden flooring. Keeping one or two paintings on the wall gives it a full look.

Living room paint ideas: Monochrome

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Believe me when I say that black works like a gem of colour for a living room. But, it is to be kept in mind that you have to keep balance in-between black and whites. Having too much of black will dull out the whole set. It is a wise move to mix it up with white here and there. Again, having shove wood furniture packs in a great punch in the whole scenario.

Living room paint ideas: Deep blue colour

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If you are looking for a calming option for your living room paint job? Then having the colour of deep blue is the answer. It brings peace in the room. The lovely shade paired with good lighting along with a lighter coloured ceiling will bring life into the living room. Accents of bluish pink, greenish-grey has a warming tone and looks very intriguing with white background. This is also something that should be considered while painting the living room if you want it to give off a peaceful vibe.

Don’t be shy – use a multicoloured wall

You have to be creative. Painting is such a job which doesn’t require to be too attentive. You just have to follow your instincts. Anyway, if anything goes wrong you can simply fix it up. So, you shouldn’t just make the wall look bland by using a single colour only. You can mix it up. A multicoloured wall looks more and more attractive. It looks very beautiful. You can use red dots over a paste background. But, still depends on your creativity and colour choices. In this case, you can also take help Don any expert.

Consider colouring the ceiling

What’s the new trend in 2020? It is not a thing anymore to just colour only the walls of the room. Rather you coulis step up the game and colour the ceilings as well. Try to choose a more light colour that reflects sunlight more. Pair these up with some simple yet fashionable furniture. It is not something that can’t be done. Such type of room gives a peaceful vibe.

Experiment with darker shades

If you want to give your living room a more warmer look, then try using darker shades. If the living room is something that is used mostly during the evening under the fireplace, then darker shades should be considered. But if you also want the room to shine during the daytime too, then try combining the dark shaded backgrounds with some light coloured furniture.

Gray and white coloured living room paint ideas

Gray modern living room
Living room paint ideas

The sheer elegance of the colours grey and white is beyond any doubt. They both work so well as a colour combination that it just can’t be explained. Both of these work for both traditional as well as modern households. It is one of the wisest living room paint ideas. So, It had worked wonders in the past and will surely work its magic in the future. It is the horse you wanna be putting your bets on. This never fails. Moreover, it goes well with any kind of furniture you wish to use. It gives a very pleasant and fruitful vibe throughout the house.

Colour to make the room feel lighter

You can simply use two tones of the same colour for the living room. This makes the living room feel more spacious. But, remember to keep the comparatively darker tone in the latter part of the room. Which is accompanied by the comparatively lighter colours on the other sides. Don’t forget to use a colour with a similar accent tone at the ceiling. Use similar coloured furniture to accompany the walls. Try using paintings on the walls. These provide a more complete look. Again, having the same colour scheme throughout the room, makes the room more spacious.

No matter what colours you use, having a living room which is filled with the love of your family members is simply great. No matter what you do, you should always have fun in it. Together with your family members if you all work unitedly, then the work becomes more interesting and more fun. It then possesses an internal connection with everyone. Willed choosing the outshines necessary for the living room, you should consider it’s after-effects and if everyone likes it or not. But before consulting you should have your living room paint ideas ready to present. The decision its vital than doing the job. Be sure of what you want to do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Which colours are the best living room paint ideas in 2021?

Neutrals are always the best colours to go for any living rooms. It never gets old. But are they still in trend in 2020? Well, they might not be, but they are still one of the extensively used colours for living rooms. If you want to use a colour that is more in trend in 2020, then the colours green, hazelnut, mint, etc. are for you. Again, neutral colours are for those who want to use it for the whole house.

Which is the hot colour of 2021?

In 2020, there is no colour that is not used by many. But the colour that is more used in 2020 is considered the hottest colour. In the year 2019, the colour coral was the hottest colour. But, as we have progressed to 2020, the classic blue colour has become the colour of the year. The colour can be rich, it gives a dreamy vibe and is a beautiful side of the colour azure.

Which rule is the 60-30-10 decorating rule?

It is a simple decorating rule. The 60-30-10 are just percentages to show the combination of colour. It gives the right balance to the colours that are used in any space. So, It is just a mathematical number to show the combination of the colours used. It is a simple process suggested by experts. This rule exhibits only in the decorating region. This can most easily be used in any room of the house. You can use this rule to find out the proportions of how many colours could be used in a room. This rule helps keep a balance in the colour schemes.

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